Set up a Project repository #

Each replication attempt lives in its on github repository within the replisims organization.

Basic setup and content #

  • Naming scheme: firstauthor-YYYY
    • Contributors
    • Reference for original manuscript
    • workflow/ structure of the repository
    • Contributor statementes
  • Licence
    • pick whatever licence you like
    • consider different licences for code and text

Optional #

  • Make the repository binder ready .binder/ directory.
  • Add a dockerfile
  • Add a makefile

Suggestions #

Research compedium

I suggest using the structure commonly used for R packages with an adaptation for research compendia as reccomended by Marwick et al.:

Marwick, B., Boettiger, C., & Mullen, L. (2018). Packaging Data Analytical Work Reproducibly Using R (and Friends). The American Statistician, 72(1), 80–88.

This can easily be implemented using the rrtools` package.


You don’t have to use git I would higly recommend it though as it eases collaboration. See the resources section for some recommendations on how to get started.