We aim for this project to be a great learning experience and a chance for international and interdisciplinary collaboration with like-minded researchers.

Depending on your time, current skill-level and enthusiasm and the different complexities of a given project there is a broad spectrum of what you might be able to contribute.

Replication #

Basic #

  • Code
    • That runs
    • In a github repository
  • Results
    • Relatable to original
  • Documentation
    • Extracted information (& source)
    • Replicator degrees of freedom

Extra #

  • R package
  • Flow-chart
  • Alternative result presentation
  • Shiny App
  • Unit tests

Check out the resources section to explore the options.

Out of scope #

  • Criticising the author’s approach
  • Improving the method
  • Writing the project paper

But… #

  • You can add a critical comment to your verification report
  • You can implement a second improved method in the code
  • You can volunteer to help writing the project paper (and of course get to approve it before it is submitted)